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Love Dog Adventures is a Community Partner affiliate program of the national therapy organization Pet Partners (formerly Delta Society).

We are proud to offer a broad range of educational and therapeutic programs involving our registered dogs and cats.

All Animal Assisted Therapy, Story Time and Reading with the Love Dogs, Everything Dog: Be Cool, Not Cruel education program and Power of Pets. Our mission is to improve the health and well being of students through programs incorporating the powerful connection between dogs and humans.  To achieve our mission we promote the valuable role of animal-assisted therapy in our community by providing a variety of fun and educational programs designed to build self-esteem, tolerance, acceptance, confidence and teach children to love and respect all living beings.

“All Animal-Assisted Therapy” provides visiting therapy teams with a variety of species to health facilities.

“Story Time and Reading with the Love Dogs” provides the opportunity for children to read to and with the dogs enhancing student reading skills. Each session is 50 minutes to one hour and for children of all ages. For more information about where this program is hosted permanently or to invite Love Dog Adventures to your school, contact Sue at

“Be Cool, Not Cruel” is our anti-bully initiative that incorporates why people and dogs bully and become bullied.  Discussion focuses on tolerance and acceptance through the eyes of the animal. For more information about this program and where it is offered on a regular basis or to invite Love Dog Adventures to your school, contact Sue at

“Power of Pets” provides specially tailored programs for children and their families who are affected by special learning needs, or for ongoing tracked programs as part of our Response to Intervention initiative.  For more information about this program or to invite Love Dog Adventures to your school or facility, contact Sue at

Benefits of bringing in a Pet Partner Program:

  • Expert training and supervision of Pet Partner Teams
  • $2 million primary liability insurance, $5 million aggregate
  • Safety, safety, safety
  • Highest standard of training and excellence
  • Re-testing of Handler and Animal Teams and Instructors / Evaluators every two years
  • Pride in being affiliated with the gold standard of Animal Assisted Therapy Organizations

Love Dog Adventures is currently affiliated with several health and educational facilities.

To learn more about becoming a Pet Partner with your animal, read these articles and contact /