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October 1 Forever Strong

Today is the fifth Remembrance of the Route 91 Harvest Festival tragedy on October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas. Hard to believe five years have gone by as it feels like yesterday we were deploying therapy teams all across the valley. Right after the event we spent countless hours with survivors, community partners and the like. But this year we focused our visits on first responders and those who made such a difference that day and ever since. We spent Friday evening at our Partner Hospital Southern Hills and the mood in the lobby was palpable. But there was also great joy and a sense of normalcy and fun. We had five therapy dogs and one therapy cat for everyone to hug and pet and cuddle. Then this morning very early during shift change we were with the Crime Scene Analysts and Investigators. We also spent an evening with them earlier in the week during the overnight shift. This partnership is very important to us as they need a bright spot in their day so much. We had several dog teams with us this morning and we know we helped everyone through a very tough day. Stay stronger together.

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