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About Sue Grundfest

Sue Grundfest is a licensed dog trainer, instructor and evaluator for the national animal assisted therapy program Pet Partners.  Her training business, Love Dog Las Vegas, concentrates on handlers and dogs that have the goal of becoming Pet Partners therapy teams.  

Sue created her therapy program Love Dog Adventures when living in New York City over fifteen years ag0 ago. They became a Pet Partners community partner several years ago and the name was integrated to become Pet Partners of Las Vegas / Love Dog Adventures.

The program is dedicated to inspiring physical and emotional healing through the use of interactive animal-assisted therapy and community education.

Having created and managed Corporate Volunteer Programs  for The Estēe Lauder Companies Inc. for 25 years as Vice President of Community Outreach, Sue is devoting her time in “retirement” to developing unique programs utilizing the human-animal bond.

Sue’s commitment to animal-assisted therapy started with one fluffy white poodle named Coco the Love Dog.  An insulin-dependent diabetic who spent many years blind and deaf, Coco set the standard for animal-assisted therapy dogs and lived a life of courage, love and inspiration. She lived fifteen years giving to others and when Kirby joined their family in 2009, it was his turn to make a difference. Kirby worked for four years before succumbing to cancer in 2013.  Then one week after Coco’s passed on, Benny joined the family and soon thereafter Petey.  Petey worked as a therapy dog for five years and the week he passed away Teddy and Hildie found Sue!

Sue’s dogs are all rescues with special needs and spread the message “you don’t have to be perfect to be perfect.” The original Love Dog, Coco the Love Dog, came into Sue’s life when she herself was recovering from a life-threatening illness. Sue moved to Las Vegas in 2008 and is a licensed Pet Partners Instructor and Evaluator as well as a licensed dog trainer. 

In 2014 Sue was recognized by The Huffington Post as one of 50 Over 50 and 1 of 10 in the nation for Giving Back. 



Love Dog Las Vegas courses concentrate on handlers and their dogs whose goal is to become Pet Partners animal assisted therapy teams. The Basic Good Manners and Advanced Therapy Dog Clinic are offered several times a year. 

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After contacting Sue to register for a class, she will send you an invoice for the total. You may then click "Buy Now" to pay via credit card using Pay Pal.


This four week class concentrates on establishing the relationship at both ends of the leash. It will teach you how to communicate with your dog, while learning all the basics for your dog to have good manners.  What are good manners? A pup that listens to you, is quiet, does not jump or lick and a handler that understands his/her dogs’ signals and signs. The class covers Place, Sit, Down, Leave It, Stay, Come When Called, Impulse Control and Calm Walking!

To register, schedule your complimentary pre-meeting and for more information, contact Sue Grundfest. Space is limited. 


This seven week course will prepare you for the Pet Partners Therapy Animal Evaluation.


To attend a Free Orientation, contact Sue Grundfest.


Inquire about special discounts and scholarships.


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Contact Sue

For more information about the training classes, fees and schedule, contact Sue with the form below or call 917-301-4710.


Visit Pet Partners of Las Vegas / Love Dog Adventures for more information about the pet therapy program. 

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