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Everyone passed today!

We had the great pleasure of conducting three Pet Partners renewal evaluations today and they all tested at the highest level.

Kristy and Bunny are the smoothest team. Their relationship is so evident and Bunny was perfect. He only wanted to be touched and stroked and loved on. And Kristy did an exceptional job of educating all of us on bunnies and how they behave and what they like. Kristy is a superb handler and every step of the test she was communicating with Bunny and it showed.

Then Kristy tested with her Yellow Lab Roxy What a beautiful dog this is. Roxy has been volunteering since 2014 and aced another renewal test. Yes she is a bit older now and slower. But her heart is still has big as ever and she aced every element of the skills and aptitude test. When people meet Roxy they just naturally calm down and feel loved.

Christy and Tommy are quite well known but they still had to take their renewal evaluation just like everyone else. They even moved up one level and are now a Complex team. But this surprised no one! Tommy is one of our special needs pets but you would never know it. He has compensated for being sightless and just snuggles in for as much petting as he can get. People are always amazed to see therapy cats and when they meet Tommy, they understand how comforting they can be.

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